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Journal Issue
Volume 4 Issue 2 / Dec 2006  pp49‑94

Editor: Frank Bannister

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Experiences with Video Streaming of Norwegian Local Government Meetings  pp49‑54

Lasse Berntzen

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e‑Voting in the UK: A Work in Progress  pp55‑62

Mark Liptrott

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"Mobile" e‑Government Options: Between Technology‑driven and User‑centric  pp63‑70

Pierre Rossel, Matthias Finger, Gianluca Misurac

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This paper is about exploring mobile e‑Government issues by analysing their historical evolution and illustrating some concrete activities, first in the initial phase, then through more recent projects, with the idea of capturing some attributes of its development trend. The objective is to propose a view on m‑Government, which can be both compatible with fieldwork findings and overall information and communication technology dynamics. We thus suggest a remapping of the m‑Government domain, so as to establish key priorities, eventually helping improve policy‑planning capabilities in this area. Our main hypothesis is that m‑Government should not be too specific an area of e‑Government (limited to the notion of mobile access), but on the contrary take upon the current dominant movement in favour of mobile technology usages, and steer experiments and initiatives in a way that ultimately better benefits, and even empowers the users and citizens in their various flexibility needs. 


Keywords: information and communication technologies, mobile e-Government, mobility, decentralisation, impact, foresight


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Success Factors of Geneva's e‑Voting System  pp71‑78

Michel Chevallier, Michel Warynski, Alain Sandoz

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Using SMS Texting to Encourage Democratic Participation by Youth Citizens: a Case Study of a Project in an English Local Authority  pp79‑86

David Griffin, Philippa Trevorrow, Edward Halpin, Edward Halpin

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On the Road from Consultation Cynicism to Energising e‑Consultation  pp87‑94

Simon Stephens Paul McCusker David O'Donnell

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