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Journal Issue
Volume 2 Issue 2, ECEG 2004 / Aug 2004  pp75‑146

Editor: Frank Bannister

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International Technical Standards for e‑Government  pp75‑80

John Borras

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Promoting Knowledge Sharing in Government and Non‑Government Organizations Using Open Source Software: The pKADS Story  pp81‑94

Tom Butler, Joseph Feller, Andrew Pope, Paul Barry, Ciaran Murphy

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Models and Metrics for Evaluating Local Electronic Government Systems and Services  pp95‑104

Toni Carbo, James G. Williams

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Evaluating Global e‑Government Sites: A View using Web Diagnostic Tools  pp105‑114

Jyoti Choudrie, Gheorgita Ghinea Vishanth Weerakkody

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Several governments across the world have embraced the digital revolution and continue to take advantage of the information and communication facilities offered by the Internet to offer public services. Conversely, citizens' awareness and expectations of Internet based online‑public‑services have also increased in recent times. Although the numbers of the different national e‑Government web portals have increased rapidly in the last three years, the success of these portals will largely depend on their accessibility, quality and privacy. This paper reports the results of an evaluative study of a cross‑ section of e‑Government portals from these three perspectives, using a common set of performance metrics and Web diagnostic engines. Results show that not only are there wide variations in the spectrum of information and services provided by these portals, but that significant work still needs to be undertaken in order to make the portals examples of 'best practice' e‑Government services. 


Keywords: e-Government, accessibility, quality, privacy


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The Application of Methodologies in e‑Government  pp115‑126

Lee Anthony Eddowes

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Using the New Institutional Economics in e‑Government to deliver transformational change  pp127‑138

Andy Ellis

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Does the Internet help to overcome social exclusion?  pp139‑146

Paul Foley

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