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Journal Issue
Volume 13 Issue 2, ECEG2015 / Dec 2015  pp75‑160

Editor: Carl Adams

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Editorial  pp75‑76

Carl Adams

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Enabling Citizen Participation in Gov 2.0: An Empowerment Perspective  pp77‑93

Mohammed Aladalah, Yen Cheung, Vincent Lee

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Abstract: In order to investigate the low levels of citizen participation in Gov2.0, we used the theoretical lens of empowerment to better understand the use of Gov2.0. The paper includes an analysis of both management and psychology literatures; elaborates and discusses the conceptual issues of citizen empowerment, satisfaction, and participation in Gov2.0. A research model to enhance the understanding of citizen participation in Gov 2.0 is presented in this paper. The model includes four factors pertaining to empowerment theory: sense of impact, competence, meaningfulness and sense of control, which are believed to influence citizen participation in Gov2.0. A further positive outcome of citizen empowerment is higher levels of satisfaction with Gov 2.0. These suggestions make a strong case for citizen empowerment in Gov 2.0 to enhance the understanding of citizen participation in Gov. 2.0 as well as providing useful information for government agencies. Government agency decision‑makers can also benefit from new insights into citizen participation and enhance citizen experiences with Gov2.0. The paper concludes with implications for theory and practice, and suggests avenues for future work. 


Keywords: Keywords: Gov 2.0, citizens, participation, empowerment, satisfaction


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