The Electronic Journal of e-Government publishes perspectives on topics relevant to the study, implementation and management of e-Government

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There are two modes of searching the contents of this journal. The first is the main SEARCH FOR function (for basic searchers) and the second is the Advanced Search function.

To search the whole text of a paper enter the search word in the space next to SEARCH FOR ( use Smith as an example) and press the GO button. This will create a list of all the papers in which the word Smith exists. The word may be in the title, it may be the name of an author or it may be a references. The word Smith will be highlighted in yellow then the actual paper is accessed.

Beneath the words SEARCH FOR there are subsidiary categories for searching for AUTHOR, EDITOR, PUBLICATION, VOLUME, ISSUE, PAGE. To search for papers written by a particular author place the cursor on the word Author and enter the name of the author. All papers with this authors name will be found.

The EDITOR search box works in the same way.

Clicking on the PUBLICATION box the title of a paper may be entered and searched. The system will return papers with the full titles entered.

The VOLUME box allows all the papers published in a particular volume to be displayed in a list on the screen and the ISSUE search works in the same way.

The PAGE box has a similar function.

The three search fields VOLUME, ISSUE and PAGE unique define a paper in the journal and if the searcher has these three numbers he/she need not enter any other details for the paper.