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Journal Article

The Use of Social Networking Sites in Public Administration: The Case of Slovenia  pp2-18

Tina Jukić, Manca Merlak

© Feb 2017 Volume 15 Issue 1, Editor: Mitja Dečman and Tina Jukić, pp1 - 56

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This paper presents the results of research aimed at analysing the usage of Facebook as the most popular social networking site among 112 Slovene state administration organizations. Private entities use social networks to enhance their visibility, interact with clients, and for (related) marketing and sales of their products and services. Social networks also represent the potential for increased interaction between public administration and its users. However, statistics on the usage of social networks in public organizations is scarce. The methodology of our research is based on 16 indicators measuring usage, engagement, multi‑channel features, and multi‑media content. The results reveal that only a few organizations have established their Facebook presence, and for most of them considerable room for improvement has been identified in terms of usage of Facebook as a social network with the highest potential of reach and engagement in the number of its users. An extensive literature review in the field of social media usage in public administrations worldwide is also provided.


Keywords: social networking sites, public administration, level of usage, type of usage, engagement, literature review


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Journal Issue

Volume 15 Issue 1 / Feb 2017  pp1‑56

Editor: Mitja Dečman, Tina Jukić

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Guest Editors

Decman‑Mitja‑EG‑031 Mitja Dečman is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate level. He holds a Ph. D. in Administration Science and a MSc. in Computer Science. His project and research work includes development of information systems, benchmarking systems, digital preservation, information security, e‑government, e‑governance, web 2.0 and others.



Tina Jukić is an Assistant Professor in the field of informatics in public administration at Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She gained her PhD in administrative science in 2013. In recent years her research activities are mainly focused on methodologies for the evaluation of e‑government projects and on social media usage in public administration. 


Keywords: social networking sites, public administration, level of usage, type of usage, engagement, literature review, tax administration, taxpayer supervision, compliance risk management, analytics, data mining, Conceptual data modeling, Object Role Modeling, Manual service, Digital Service, DPSIR, Zanzibar, information sharing arrangement, inter-organisational system (IOS), XBRL, standard business reporting, B2G, TOE


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