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Analysis of Different Organizational Forms: Towards a Framework of Influencing Factors Regarding Performance Management of IT in Public Organizations  pp157-168

Christoph Ertl, Vanessa Greger, Petra Wolf, Helmut Krcmar

© Dec 2014 Volume 12 Issue 2, ECEG 2014, Editor: Frank Banister, pp95 - 207

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Abstract: Many public organizations still face big challenges regarding the use of performance management of information technology (IT‑PM). We assume that one reason for this is the fact that they have characteristics of both the private and the public sector. So far, the literature differentiates only between private organizations and public administrations when taking into account the organizational effects on IT‑PM. Public organizations are not taken into consideration. Besides, almost no research i s done on how the characteristics of the three organizational forms affect the way IT‑PM is implemented and used. We aim at designing a framework containing the influencing factors regarding IT‑PM especially for public organizations. We base this framewor k on four major organizational attributes (objectives, stability and time horizon, complexity and managerial values) derived from the characteristics of IT‑PM. In order to identify further influencing factors aligned with the organizational attributes, we enlarge the framework by findings of an additional literature review with a focus on the public sector. The assumption that public organizations have characteristics of both private organizations and public administrations was affirmed by the findings. We identified bureaucracy as an additional relevant organizational attribute. The other influencing factors were affirmed by the literature review. Our analysis presents a revised framework of organizational attributes and influencing factors regarding I T‑PM in the public sector. Thus, it extends its understanding by differentiating its use in a particular organizational form. Public IT managers can use the findings to enhance the benefits of IT‑PM and focus on relevant factors for its implementation, us e and adaptation.


Keywords: Keywords: performance management of IT, public administration, public organization, private sector, hybrid organizational forms


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