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The Challenge of Technolgy: Alignment Dynamics in Local Governments  pp173-181

Elke Boudry & Pieter Verdegem

© Dec 2012 Volume 10 Issue 2, ECEG, Editor: Frank Bannister, pp95 - 181

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: In organization literature, strategic alignment is a key concept. A vast amount of literature focuses on the need for businesses for aligning their business and IT strategy. The importance of alignment in (local) governments is yet underexposed. However, local governments are also challenged to incorporate IT in their daily processess and they also strive to become more efficient and effective organizations. In practice, this proves to be a dynamic process where a lot of factors come into play when technology is introduced within these organizations. In research, there is a need for a better understanding of this dynamic process of alignment. Therefore, in this paper we want to explore the dynamic process of aligning local governments with technology. We do so by using the 7Smodel as a framework to analyze how seven different elements, both hard and soft, mutually affect each other and make out the local dynamics. Furthermore, we put forward the notion of strong and weak alignment and offer new insights into ‘disaligned’ organizations. Increasing insights into the organizational factors that encircle the implementation of technology will lead to a more profound understanding of how the process of alignment comes into practice in local governments. By taking into account this complex process of alignment IT projects can become more successful.


Keywords: Alignment in practice, alignment, disalignment local government, e-Government, organizational change


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Journal Issue

Volume 10 Issue 2, ECEG / Dec 2012  pp95‑181

Editor: Frank Bannister

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The Special ECEG issue of EJEG. The Issue contains seven of the best papers presented at ECEG in Barcelona.

Edited by Frank Bannister, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

With special thanks to Milla Gasco, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.


Keywords: data mining, applications of local government, structure and urban informatics, service oriented architecture, e-procurement, disruptive innovation theory, e-government, public sector innovation, new business model, shared services, trust, e-voting, Jordan, framework, adopting , ePrescription, workaround, usability, tailorability, generativity, professionalism, governance, data, open government data, impediments, barriers, challenges, problems, user perspective, Alignment in practice, alignment, disalignment local government, e-Government, organizational change


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